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Different causes of impotence.


Men have to be confident in their libido to maintain confidence, to feel a full member of society and family, receive pleasure from what is happening around, to receive and give positive emotions family and friends. Therefore, we must fully entitled to their men's health, namely the sexual activity. If it occurs any failures, the rest of the world bit by bit cease to be interested and your life turns into a nightmare, narrowing the interest to monitor the work of the penis. Erectile function disorder causes can be a lot, but they can be classified into 5 groups:

In more detail, we want to stop at the first cause of the list, because this species does not require surgical intervention. Consequences and additional causes of psychological disorders show on the picture. See Ranking Tabs.

Brief recommendations to restore erections.

To help the strong half of humanity to remain calm and do not to concentrate on this issue, present day medicine offers a variety of techniques and recommendations for combating disease. It must not be forgotten to solve men's problems is categorically give up smoking, because nicotine entering in the body is persistent spasm (i.e. narrowing) of blood vessels of small caliber, including those that supply blood to the penis. Also, do not abuse alcohol (may be caused by a disorder of liver function - and as a consequence - the metabolism of male hormones), and it is better to overcome the dependence at all. Addiction: besides the fact that it is illegal, causing a very strong moral damage with the occurrence of depression.

Another consideration is the diet. If you are not prone to bad habits, and loose way of life, possibly you have overweight. It does not matter, because to eat properly and keep to your daily food allowance - a way to solve sexual problems. Here you need to pay attention to the intake of fats and carbohydrates. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits; reduce to a minimum pork, bread, pies, fries. Forget about fast food and snacks. Ingestion usually must be at certain times. And do daily exercise for potrncy.

If all the above has been done, but you have not achieved the desired results, then it's time to require attention to the pharmaceutical industry, which produces a variety of products aimed at the successful resolution of disturbances in male impotence. From the all list of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most important and significant to date are: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Each of the above product has the original and generic (analogue). More would like to stop on Levitra, because this drug though closes the top three, it is not the worst of them due to a number of benefits that will be provided below.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, wish to add confidence during romantic situations or just want to put a little excitement in your life with your dearest unexplored new sensations, you should buy Levitra.

Levitra Generic(Vardenafil)- revelation of new opportunities for sex.


Means appeared at 8 of February, 2000 - later than the drugs of the same action Viagra and Cialis. It was determined that enter the market with the same properties was not appropriate, so its formula has become more sophisticated in comparison. Reappeared substance vardenafil was originally meant for the expansion of blood vessels. But finding opportunities to enhance erection led to the creation of the erectile dysfunction drug. Vardenafil entered into its structure as an active ingredient. Company-developer - Bayer AG (Germany) and today manufactures brand-name drug.

The properties

The main action of Levitra is aimed at:

The advantages of vardenafil to sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis) are:

What happens in the body by the action of Vardenafil.

Vardenafil like Tadalafil and sildenafil belongs to phosphodiesterase inhibitor of the fifth type. What is this stuff? It is an enzyme that increases the tone of the blood vessels in the human body. The action of the active substance directed to the two process. Activates the nitric oxide (NO) - it makes blood vessels relax, they are filled by a sufficient amount of blood to the sexual organ during erection become firm. PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase of the fifth type) produced in the body for a narrowing of blood vessels - the result is flaccidity of the penis. Vardenafil detain the production of phosphodiesterase thereat the erection and sex last longer. The rush of blood in the penis is not only prolongs the sexual act, but also delivers more pleasure from it. We must not forget that the action of Levitra does not begin immediately after the active substance dissolved in the blood but only when will begin the intimate caresses. Due to the small number of side effects the generic Levitra may use and perfectly healthy people to diversify their sex life. In this case, you must use the minimum of dosage , or split the tablet in half or a quarter.

What you need to know about Generic Levitra.

Do you think that nothing much you need to know, just to buy generic Levitra? But let get this straight. What is particularly valuable for the modern man and what is he experiencing a permanent deficit? Time, nerves and money. How are the purchase of medicines and the three values of our time? It's quite simple.

You will agree that the situation is not pleasant. There is an exit. It - generic Levitra.

Buy generic Levitra online. The advantages of such a purchase.

This is the different situation with the purchase of analogues a completely. First of all, define what is generic Levitra. This is an exact copy of the original drug, made by the same formula, which was developed by software company. But it can be released on any other pharmaceutical company, which do not have attitude to high costs. of preparation. Because of their first cost are cheaper and the price is several times smaller than the original and is available for most people in need of them. Their sale does not require a prescription from a doctor. And they can be purchased directly online, without leaving home. Ordering takes only a few minutes. Moreover, no prying is not close. All will be held in complete privacy.

What you need to know before purchasing and taking generic Levitra

We earnestly recommend: read the information that will help you make the right choice before purchasing and do not caught up and get only pleasure from the purchased products. It is very important to choose the "right" products.

It is very important indeed. What Is properly? Imagine a small firm, which practically makes artisanal medicines that you will use. About what kind of quality can you say in this case! Or a company that did not proved itself in the pharmaceutical market. We do not have any Information about the quality of its products. What can you stumble, purchasing it? Is such a purchase reliability and security of whether? Of course, no!

But if you order funds from well-known company with a worldwide reputation, which tweaked production technology where excellent material base, modern equipment, staffed by great professionals, and its products has established itself worldwide as a high-quality, effective and safe, you can be absolutely quiet about your health.

Only with such producers is dialed our online pharmacy. Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Delta Enterprises, Combitic Global - here are their names.

For whom are drugs on the basis of vardenafil?

First of all, these funds are intended for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction and can not hold a full sexual intercourse. But safety and excellent tolerability can use it perfectly healthy people to improve the quality of sexual intercourse: to make a more powerful erection, the frictions longer and feeling - a bright and deep.

Contraindications to intake.

All contraindications are divided into two groups: absolute and relative. When absolute, medication is categorically impossible. It may cause a potential hazard to health and even life. Relative - those in which intake is possible under strict medical supervision and individual selection of dosing. Belong to the absolute:

Chronic kidney and liver failure, hypertension (when blood pressure less than 90 mmhg. column), Peyronie's disease, leukemia, anemia, recent myocardial infarction, and stroke, stomach ulcers, and unstable angina, degenerative diseases of the retina, is inherited, anatomical deformation penis are contraindications, which are relative.

What side effects can be.

Side effects most often occur in violation of the rules of admission of generic Levitra. If does not taken into account contraindications, incorrect dosage, reducing the time between doses, and some others. If violations do not have, then the occurrence of side effects is an extremely rare phenomenon. Here is a list of possible reactions: dyspepsia; allergic skin reactions and generalized; dizziness; drowsiness; headache; blurred vision and eye pain; tachycardia; dyspnea; nasal congestion; convulsions.

If you experience something like that once took the drug and these effects was not over for a long time, consult a doctor.